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Kristen Porter Presents has been making a difference in the community since 1998. We have brought countless couples together (Kristen Porter served as a Massachusetts Justice of the Peace for a decade and officiated many of their weddings!). We have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to local charities and grassroots causes for the LGBTQ and women’s community. We have contributed to the adoption of rescue dogs in New England via our monthly Enews column and our annual Dogs, Divas & Drag Show. And via The List: Boston’s Queer Agenda weekly Events Eblasts and monthly Classifieds and Housing list eblasts have worked to reduce isolation and build community integrating the arts, Internet technology and social change to create cultural activism with a particular eye towards lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender/non-binary, alternative, women’s, and progressive communities, including our allies.

Looking for Forever Homes

Adopt Me! – Thunder & Sunshine

Sweet sweet and very bonded siblings who come from the streets of Aruba and have made their way to the safety and comfort of their foster family in Western Massachusetts.

Sunshine and her brother Thunder were found living under a car in Aruba – Thunder has a mobility issue where his hind legs are weak and he isn’t able to work – his sister Sunshine stuck by him and no doubt protected him when needed.

Thunder was lucky enough to land with a foster who has been working very hard to see what mobility he may be able to get back – so far we have learned that he is NOT paralyzed – his bladder and bowel function is perfectly normal.  He’s been to a neurologist who was encouraging about his ability to perhaps walk again but a formal diagnoses remains out of reach.  He’s been attending physical therapy twice a week hoping to strengthen his legs but thus far it appears he will not be walking on his own.  BUT, he doesn’t know any better and thus his life will go on.   He will be fitted for wheels shortly which will make a huge improvement in his mobility although as you can see from this video, he gets around just fine and loves playing with his sister.

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Adopt Me! – Mama Boon Dog

This little lady came to Paws New England all the way from Guam!  One of our volunteers saw her story on Facebook and because she had experience with paralyzed dogs, she asked if we could help her.
So far since being here, Mama has had an evaluation with Dr. Silver, a fantastic neurologist and with an MRI done, the short story is there is a very good chance this girl will walk again- it’s felt with PT, water therapy and other supportive care, this could be life changing for her.

Mama is a doll – she is active, she gets along with the other dogs in her foster home, she loves the children in the home.  She’s smaller than it appear so she’s quite easily managed getting in and out of her chair… Click on her photo to see a YouTube of how she get’s around.

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Adopt Me! – Lottie & Layne

Lottie & Layne – two gorgeous and really wonderful beagles – we’d like to keep them together and think it won’t be difficult as they are the easiest dogs.

They came to us from West Virginia where they were turned into the shelter as “strays running in the woods” – the shelter staff feel however that the people who turned them in were their owners but they didn’t want to admit it.

They weren’t well taken care of but are getting everything they need – they even had their teeth cleaned as they really need it.  They are luckily heartworm negative but are on medication for Ehrlichia which is a tick born disease – they came in with tons of the little buggers all over them.
Please consider these sweet dogs for your home – a fenced yard would be ideal for them as they love to be outside with noses to the ground.

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