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About Kristen Porter Presents


Kristen Porter Presents (Dyke Night®, The List: Boston’s Queer Agenda, Boston’s Cheers for Queers™, Divas, Dogs & Drag Show, One Night StandUp, Drag Boston/King for a Day™ Haus of Porter) has a mission is to partner entertainment with philanthropy by bringing and promoting high quality entertainment, fundraisers and dance parties to help support the LGBTQ community. We work to build and support community artistically, socially, and philanthropically. Our events are inclusive of all LGBT/queer community,❤transgender/gender non conforming/non-binary/genderqueer folk, and are welcoming of all who respect womxn.


Kristen Porter Presents Dyke Night® was founded in 1998 as a community spirited events production company with a mission to partner entertainment with philanthropy. The idea came from a meeting of a group of lesbian/queer HIV activists in Kristen’s living room (called Lesbian AIDS Project of MA, LAPM).  LAPM was a grass-roots volunteer effort doing street outreach and needed $$ to buy items for LGBT homeless folk (toiletries, safe sex & safe works kits). Idea: let’s throw a party and ask for a suggested $2 donation. Result: Kristen approached the Midway Café and LAPM started Thursday’s “Dyke Night” which became a queer weekly space, and still is to this day. When LAPM group disbanded, Kristen continued the mission to partner entertainment with philanthropy and expanded Dyke Night® into additional venues. Several other LAPM members have continued as leaders in their respective communities.

Almost two decades later and over 1,000 events later, Kristen Porter Presents Dyke Night® is the longest-lasting event co. targeting the queer womxn in Boston’s history. We are 100% LGBT/queer owned and staffed. Profit raised through our events is donated. Kristen founded Dyke Night® and has donated her time and money to its philanthropic mission because her lifelong work has been in Boston’s nonprofit community working to make the world better for LGBTQ people and people living with HIV/AIDS.  Kristen’s commitment to create high quality inclusive events that support our community has never wavered. The causes we have helped, the community we have built, the couples we have brought together, and the history we have created is a legacy we are proud of.

Kristen Porter Presents via Dyke Night® events has raised and donated money to numerous causes including the Boston Pride Community Fund, LGBT Aging Project, the Network/La Red, The AIDS Care Project, The Theater Offensive, the Boston Dyke March, The List: Boston’s Queer Agenda, Impact, and many many more.

In 2009, Kristen assembled a solid strategic team to oversee the philanthropic work of Dyke Night® and our community service programs like our 100% volunteer (Lindsey, Bren, Doris) produced The List: Boston’s Queer Agenda to continue her vision to support our community artistically, socially and philanthropicallyKristen Porter Presents operations and design managed by Perri, music and entertainment managed by Maryalice, and and our Social Media by Brianna.

Why “Dyke”?

“Dyke Night” was chosen by the LAPM group as the name of the event because the word’s reclamation had been an empowering term, especially in the 1990s. The word “dyke” was first recorded in 1942, and has since been reappropriated by political-queer-activists such as comic “Dykes to Watch Out For,” Dykes on Bikes and political lesbian rallies called the Dyke March.  The event Dyke Night® at the Midway Cafe was created to cater to an activist community and to fund our activist work. We forged new ground as no clubs hosted a LBT women/queer night at that time. Dyke Night® events have always been “inclusive of all LGBT/queer community, trans-loving, and welcoming of all who respect women.” The use of the word “dyke” is the similar reclaiming of the now popular use of the word “queer.”


Dyke Night® is the most award winning LBT event production company in Boston- and has been for close to two decades. Awards include Best Lesbian Night, Best Gay Club, Best DIY Promoter, and Best Dance Club from the Improper Bostonian, Boston Magazine, and the Boston Phoenix.