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BIG LOVE & HUGE THANKS to the over 800 patrons who came out to celebrate the CLOSING PARTY of Kristen Porter Presents/Dyke Night®’s event Second Saturdays @ Machine!!!! Photos from the blowout soon

10 YEARS 108 SECOND SATURDAYS!!! 11.11.17

NOTE: Kristen Porter Presents/Dyke Night® will continue to host events in and around Boston, we’ve simply concluded our 10 year run of Second Saturdays we’ve hosted at Machine Nightclub.

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a MESSAGE FROM FOUNDER, KRISTEN PORTER (originally sent by email 10/19 at 11:11 am and revised 11/13/17):

Kristen Porter Presents Dyke Night® has hosted/produced/promoted 108 Second Saturdays in Boston at Machine Nightclub.  108 is a sacred number and has reference in Judaism and several Eastern religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and yoga and dharma based practices. It represents spiritual completion among many other interpretations of wholeness and connection.
108 = completion.
Second Saturday 11.11 will also mark the exact 10th year anniversary of Second Saturday at Machine. Under both these auspicious dates, it feels right, that now is the time to have November Second Saturday be both our Celebration and our Closing Party!
These 10 years mark a beautiful decade in my 20 years of providing events for women/LGBTQ in Boston.  Second Saturdays, hosted at Machine for the last 10 years brought together 800+ women and friends on one dance floor a magickal decade in time and a night that history/herstory will always remember.  A night where some of you will remember coming “out” for the first time, meeting your girlfriend, or maybe even your spouse, and so many memories!!!

Special thanks …
 first and foremost to Reginald Johnson without whom the event would never have ended up at Machine and to DJ Kris Kono, my event partner who DJ’d it up until her death in 2011.

I have been blessed to work with some of the most amazing, talented, creative team players during this decade at Machine- a special shout out to
* my opening/early team (including but not limited to)  Gogo, Elizabeth, Lisa G, Daisy, Andara, Jen K, Irina, Brianna, Erica & Robin, Darrin, Emily, Reggie, Christine…
* those who joined a tad later including but not limited to Dena, Katz, Sheree, Colleen, Mo, Lakia, Sapphira, Felicia, Nicole… plus all our rotating dancers over the years including but not limited to Joey, Lisa R, Barbara, Christine, Julia, Lauren…
* My DJs after Kris, including residents Dena, Triana, Maryalice and “Gay Jim”..and all our guest DJs
* Machine’s security staff, barbacks, ticket checkers, etc. over the years including but not limited to Danny, the Wizard, Karen, Stan, Sasha, Rachel, Myrtho, Bobbie, Mo, Reggie, Michelle,…
* and my current team that includes long-timer-since-the-start Chris of Hurley Event Photography, mixologists Tyla, Julie, Casey, Tamara and dancers Suzanne, Liz, Ny and Ashley and resident DJ Jim.
* A most special appreciation to my behind the scenes team of Kristen Porter Presents/Dyke Night including director of operations Perri, senior publisher of The List: Boston’s Queer Agenda Lindsey and volunteers Bren, Rebecca, Suzanne and Doris, past operations manager Jack, design and event-partner Maryalice, Marketing and Promotional Manager Julie and photographer Hurley Event Photographer.

What’s next?
 Kristen Porter Presents works to build and support community artistically, socially, and philanthropically.  As a volunteer- based corporation, things must end for new things to begin. We will continue to host special events and our weekly work with The List… in January join us for 5 day gay/queer Winter Rendezvous at Stowe with daily LGBTQ activities and discounts off lodging, tix here, Spring Julie Goldman comedy with LGBTQ Comedy Showcase, our June Pride weekend events and lots more so stay tuned!
In love, peace, and pride,
Founder, Kristen Porter Presents (Dyke Night® , The List: Boston’s Queer Agenda, One Night StandUP, Second Saturdays, First Fridays), Zen Executive LLC

Note: Kristen Porter Presents and Dyke Night® Productions, founded in 1998, has a mission to partner entertainment with philanthropy. Our events are inclusive of all LGBT/Queer community,❤️ transgender/gender non conforming/non-binary/genderqueer folk, are committed to accessibility, provide all gender bathrooms, and are welcoming of all who respect women.

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